Episode 8 – Mindful Breathing

In this episode we are joined by the fabulous Shanti Medina, Founder of Energize training systems and Body Current® therapeutics supporting personal transformation and self-realization with every breath.  Shanti explains why mindful breathing is so important, and how our conscious breath at 11:11 can uplift humanity.  “We never leave home without our breath.  It’s a true super power that often is just happening in the background. But when we bring it to the forefront and really focus our awareness on the breath, real magic happens,” she says. “If you’re earnest about your 11:11 wish and intention, light it with your breath, feel the connection, and see what happens.”

Breathe 11:11 Spiritual Activism

Episode 7 – Spiritual Activism

What is spiritual activism, and how does it relate to Breathe 11:11?Hear from the incredible lifestyle journalist, Ruby Warrington, founder of the Numinous Blog and author of Material Girl, Mystical World: The Now Age Guide to a High Vibe Life.  She says: “If your message is peace and unity and yet on the inside you’re full of rage, there is a disconnect.  Spiritual activism is thinking about, how can I find more peace and unity on the inside in terms of my emotional and spiritual life so that my actions out in the world are more in alignment with that.  Perhaps 11:11 could be a moment to think about, what’s my self-care practice going to be today?”

A Wink from the Universe

Episode 6 – A Wink from the Universe

Linda DeMarino from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico shares an emotional, personal story in this episode about how 11:11 showed up during her mother’s final battle with cancer, and what this frequently occurring number in her life means to her now. Many people around the world consider 11:11 to be a special time that connects the living with the spirit of departed loved ones.

Tiny Habits

Episode 5 – Tiny Habits

Stanford Professor BJ Fogg is an expert in teaching people how to create new, positive habits in their lives.  His behavior-changing methodology is called Tiny Habits, and he agrees that Breathe 11:11 falls into this category.  “A lot of people think that to have a big change in your life you have to do big things, and that’s not necessarily true,” he says.  “You can have a big shift in your life by doing very small things, if they’re the right things. Don’t underestimate the power of doing something once a day at 11:11. Tiny things can have a really big impact.”

Veteran's Memorial

Episode 4 – 11:11 Veteran’s Day Memorial

Artist Renee Palmer Jones created the spectacular Anthem Veteran’s Memorial in Anthem, Arizona, through which the sun’s rays shine perfectly at 11:11am on November 11 every year. In this episode, Renee discusses this engineering feat, and her inspiration from ancient monuments and religious sites that also used the sun to emphasize specific moments. Renee describes the emotional opening day when F-18 jets from the Luke Air Force Base flew over the monument at exactly 11:11 as the sun shined a spotlight over the mosaic of The Great Seal of the United States; and what this monument means to veterans and their families around the country today.

Master Number 11

Episode 3 – The Master Number 11

Learn all about the Master Number 11 from “practical numerologist” Felicia Bender, PhD, author of Redesign Your Life:  Using Numerology To Create The Wildly Optimal You.  “Eleven is the number of spiritual illumination,” says Felicia. “The Master Number 11 is called the dreamer, rather than the doer.  When we begin to notice 11:11 and work with this particular frequency, it’s asking us to slow down and begin to notice the nuances and textures of life. It helps us find deeper meaning in our lives and discover what we are here to do. Once we start noticing, it’s impossible to stop.”

Singles Day China

Episode 2 – Singles Day in China

Did you know that 11/11 in China is National Singles Day, as well as the world’s largest online shopping day?  In this fascinating episode, dating sociologist Yue Xu will teach us more about how Singles Day came about, and how it has been embraced by the urban youth culture in China.   We’ll learn more about how men and women celebrate Singles Day differently, and how some use 11/11 as a self-imposed deadline to find a mate.

Breathe 11:11

Episode 1 – What is Breathe 11:11?

In this five-minute introductory podcast, hear from our host Shayna Samuels what the Breathe 11:11 app, podcast and growing community are all about. “Some people see these numbers so often, that it has forced them to stop and wonder what, if anything, this may mean… Whatever the significance, it seems to always be positive, even magical… Breathe 11:11 is very simple at its core, but there are many dimensions to it.  We hope to tap into the power of the 11:11 phenomena to gather our collective intentions to make a real difference in the world.” Listen to the full podcast to learn more.