There are 3 simple steps. When you hear the chime:

Breathe deeply in & out

Make a heartfelt wish

Connect with others

Breathe  — Mindful breathing is scientifically-proven to reduce anxiety, allowing us to live with more clarity and ease. When we feel fear, our breath becomes short, even halted. We enter a “fight or flight” mentality and make quick decisions based on emotion and adrenaline. When we are relaxed we take longer, deeper breaths, creating slower rhythms in our bodies so that we’re able to make calmer, more rational choices. When you hear the Breathe 11:11 chime, take at least 3 slow deep inhales and exhales.


Wish  — The latest medical research is showing that positive thinking may improve your health and extend your life. As you are taking your mindful breaths, make a wish, set an intention, or say a prayer for a better world. Feel this wish in your heart as you continue to breath in an out.

Connect  — Imagine all of the other people who are also taking a conscious breath and putting forth positive intentions at the same time that you are. The iPhone version features a heatmap so you can see where in the world people are using the app. If you’re at work or with friends or family (including children), invite others to join you for this mindful moment and see what happens. If you’re inspired, consider using Facebook Live to broadcast your 11:11 experience. If you’re in a public place and hear another person’s chime at 11:11, give that person a smile or connect in some way.

It’s okay if you don’t catch every 11:11 — that’s part of the fun. And don’t be surprised if you start to see more 11:11s in different places (addresses, phone numbers, etc.) or if auspicious coincidences begin to happen. Just breathe, think good thoughts, and watch the ripple effects unfold.

Please spread the word and happy breathing!