There are 2 different live versions of the Breathe 11:11 app – Android is currently v1.0 and iOS is v2.0.


If you cannot hear your chimes, the issue is likely your iPhone sound settings. Go to Settings>>Sounds and Haptics>>then make sure your ringer and alert volume is turned on.

In order for iOS version 2.0 to work properly, please allow location and notification permissions after downloading app.  Location permission will allow your app download location to appear on a global heat map.

Notification permission allow the app to send you a personalized notification at 11:11 which triggers the customizable chime. In addition, the app lets users:

— set a chime in their local time zone or any time zone in the world.

— listen to the Breathe 11:11 podcast with frequently updated interviews with numerologists, psychologists, artists, physicists, mystics and everyday folks who have incredible stories to share.

— record and upload 11:11 stories via the built-in voice recorder for sharing with the 11:11 community and use in the Breathe 11:11 podcast.


The v1.0 Android app lets a user set their phone to chime at 11:11am/pm or both in their local time zone. Please accept the location permission so that your download location will appear on the global heat map (currently only available on iOS).

If you cannot hear your chimes, the issue is likely your notification sound settings. Use your volume toggle buttons and click the arrow that allows you to expand and increase the volume of notifications.